• Job SonnentagJob Sonnentag, 7 months ago

    I will say that IMO windows is 100000000000x more frustrating and annoying.

    Can corroborate this 100%! I've been a long time Mac user, but recently have had no choice, but to set up and maintain a Windows PC. As there aren't currently any other viable options for running a VR gaming system. It is the bane of my existence. I spend almost as much time fiddling with crap as I do actually playing games.

    I don't have experience trying to use design apps Windows, mostly because my experience has been so bad, I just don't want to spend any more time on the OS than I have to.

    Elementary OS is great and clean for a linux option

    Actually, having been so fed up with Windows, I recently tried Elementary OS. I would not recommend this either. I wanted so badly to love it. It just isn't there yet. I had constant issues with Bluetooth and other system features. It also just isn't as polished as macOS or even Windows. For example, the login screen doesn't auto-focus on the password field. I literally had to mouse over to the left hand edge of the screen every time I logged in to select it. There are things like that all over EOS.

    That being said, the latest version of Ubuntu (18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish) is absolutely great! It is by no means a replacement for macOS (in my opinion), but if I could I would gladly switch to it from Windows for my gaming needs. Also, almost all of the issues I experienced with EOS were not a problem with Ubuntu.

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