• Andrew Hersh, 7 months ago

    You're right about the frustration part. But it isn't solely due to this machine. I am also frustrated with the purposeful decision making on Apple's end to lock things down to the point that these machines are disposable.

    Can you think of any logical reason why I would not be able to easily open up basically any computer and swap out the hard drive? I used to be able to just grab the handle on my G4 and do whatever I wanted. Memory, HD upgrades, optical drive swaps, graphics card... You could even upgrade the CPU with minimal difficulty. AND the machine was freaking beautiful.

    Now... everything is soldered and glued... and here comes the T2 chip as the final nail in the coffin for ever doing ANYTHING yourself. Why? So I can have a featureless slab of aluminum that's a little bit thinner (at the edges)? I'm not buying it. I think this stuff is being intentionally done so that when something goes wrong with this computer I simply have to throw it out and buy a new one.

    Combine all of that with manufacturing and software development quality assurance processes that seem to be devolving at an exponential rate, and you're paying a premium for something that is so prone to catastrophic failure that it seems like it is purposefully so.

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    • J. PangJ. Pang, 7 months ago

      As one who is trying to replace the battery of my top-spec's mid 2012 MacBook Pro, I can totally relate. The battery is literally glued to the inside, and Youtube is full of videos of people cutting them loose with strings and whatnot. Thing is, the battery is bulging, and I don't want to risk puncturing it. Apple technicians in my country are charging about $570 for it, so I guess I'll be shopping for some string...

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      • Vivek GaniVivek Gani, 7 months ago

        The ifixit battery kit comes with a solvent to remove the battery. There’s an interesting wired article about how it took them supposedly years to figure out

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    • Lucian .esLucian .es, 7 months ago

      I share the same frustrations. I've been using a 2017 macbook pro (fully specced) and I'm not noticing a lot of improvements from my previous workstation (2013 macbook pro full)..

      Although it's my main workstation for Product Design (Sketch / Figma), I'm using it for small video / photo editing for Social media and it can barerly handle 4k with a dgpu. It can barerly handle a 4k video output to an external monitor without fans starting to launch the laptop into orbit.

      Thanks to the eGPUs you can fix some performance issues, but Apple is not collaborating with NVIDIA to release drivers for Mojave, trying to block you in their AMD ecosystem.

      Having that said, and being a looooong apple fan boy, I can say I really dislike how Tim Cook is running the company and having ONLY a business focus. Apple used to be synonym to premium, but now it's just overpriced for what you get.

      I hate windows but have to go on the same route.

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