• Andrew Hersh, 7 months ago

    No system wide apps out of the usual. And oddly enough it's Finder that gives most of the issues. It just locks up and is 100% impossible to get running again without restarting the machine.

    I did an OS reinstall, and that seems to have helped for the moment. Going to be taking some advice and switching to an external SSD for my boot disk. Hopefully that will help. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there are issues going on with the new disk format and the fusion drive.

    Out of all the machines I've had (g3 iBook, dual 1.42 MDD G4, g4 iBook, g4 Powerbook, 2.5 g5, 2008 MB, 2012 MBP, this), this has been the least reliable and most headache-inducing. I used to boot my g4 from an iPod hooked up via firewire and had zero issues.

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    • Spencer HaizelSpencer Haizel, 7 months ago

      So you reinstalled the OS and everything is fine.. shock.

      Should have probably given that a go before calling it quits with Apple.

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