• Mitch WarrenMitch Warren, 7 months ago

    My wife was having the same trouble with her 2017 iMac base model. Over the course of a year, it just slowed to an absolute crawl - basically unusable. We skimped on the harddrive at purchase and got a spinning one (huge mistake I know), Apple shouldn't even be selling them honestly.

    The good news is I was able to fix this quite cheaply buying the Samsung T5 Portable SSD Drive (250GB) - it's less than $200 here in Aus. But you'll need a usb-c thunderbolt output to use it.

    I installed Mohave on the SSD, then wiped the spinning drive and set it up as a timemachine backup. Since then, it's been running like new. I was close to buying a new computer too, as it was out of warranty and the constant crashing was driving us both mad.

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    • Milan HawkinsMilan Hawkins, 7 months ago

      I had the same problem. I now run Mojave off an external Patriot Evlvr Thunderbolt 3 drive, which is insanely fast. I split the internal Fusion drive, using the 128GB SSD for Premiere/After Effects cache, with the remainder for Time Machine backups. It's made a massive difference!

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      • Andrew Hersh, 7 months ago

        Splitting the internal fusion is a heck of an idea. The SSD portion is 256GB on this so that would make for a great scratch disk. Thanks for the input.

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    • Andrew Hersh, 7 months ago

      This is what I'm going to be trying. I just ordered the 1TB option of that drive (like $219 on Amazon). I'm really hoping this solves the issue.

      I didn't even realize you could boot externally again. I used to boot exclusively via FW and when they took that away I forgot it was possible.

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