• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, almost 3 years ago

    Is anyone else exhausted by Design Systems write ups? Maybe it's just because it's my day-to-day job to build/maintain one and I never thought of them as anything special.

    You have principles, you have components, and you have implementation. That's pretty much it. I went to a design systems meetup and nothing beyond that was really said. Sure there are details you can get into in terms of hiring designers who will work well with a system and how best to document one, but that doesn't really seem deserving of the level of attention the design industry is giving it now.

    What nobody wants to talk about is the pressure individual designers receive to make a complete design system with complete documentation while simultaneously designing new features and writing the CSS to implement them. There are people being "mind-blown" that a team of 4 designers made a whole design system! The things I could do with 4 designers...that would be a dream.

    Nobody writes articles on how the real impediment to clean design system implementation is that both developers and designers don't want to learn CSS to any degree of fluency. How can you create a proper system of communicating design when there is no shared language?

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