• Ricky SalsberryRicky Salsberry, almost 2 years ago

    I'll just echo the usability of the app overall — the lack of labels is really inhibiting my ability to understand what I'm filling out. Combined with the center alignment, it's just very unusual.

    In that same vein, on Tasks & Costs while adding a task I had no idea how to actually add it. There's no button or anything to tell me how to stop typing and add it. I tried hitting Enter, and that worked, but you need a button here. Hitting enter is nice to have, but it can't be the primary and only way to do this. There's also no apparent way to remove a task after I've added one.

    On the date picker, the current day looks selected as my start date, so I click my end date and no, that wasn't selected, so now I've designated my end date as a start date and have to start over.

    By accident, I discovered the black dots were dropdown menus to select other colors. This needs a label.

    Clicking on the W logo should take me back to the home page of the calculator, but it takes me to a different website.

    Overall it looks nice — but usability is seriously lacking — which is why I want to abandon Excel in the first place, right? Looking forward to where this tool goes, because it could be really useful. Cheers!

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