• Florian GrauFlorian Grau, over 3 years ago

    Congrats to the launch. As someone, who declared Pocket bankruptcy once, started another account and now AGAIN has thousands of articles in there, your idea and implementation is genius. Btw: I find the self destruction of older articles a great idea. Or maybe a hard limit and when adding new stuff, older articles are pushed out of the queue?

    Also I agree with the others, the onboarding is really well done. Though I still had problems and as you obviously care very much about the little things I thought I'd share my experience:

    1) A page indicator tells me I can swipe on the content above (or sometimes below). It is no progress indicator. So I was a little confused when I instantly started swiping on the first screen, but nothing happened till I understood I need to tap the button.

    2) I was confused after enabling ReadingQueue in the share sheet. Like ... what do I have to do now. Cancel? I read the instructions after "3.", but still wasn't able to grasp it. Obviously, for my brain to add a page in an onboarding process to a reading queue made so little sense, that I didn't understand the instruction. But maybe, that's only a power user's issue, who is too accustomed to the share sheet and knows how it works and what it generally does.

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    • Greg de J, over 3 years ago

      First, thanks a ton Florian for writing all these nice words and advises!

      I'm having so internal struggles on what kind of limitations to set, whether they should be opt-in, default, or mandatory. Getting that kind of user feedback is helping me so much.

      I like the hard limit too. Eventually I'd like to set some maximum reading time budget. Eg. you set your queue can not excess 5 hours of cumulative reading time, or another number based on how long you're using the app every week. Then the user would need some kind of new screen to review every page of the queue (with a screenshot preview and some basic metadata?), and choose which ones to remove to regain some budget back to add new articles.

      1. 100% agree, it was making me cringe when I added it at the last minute. Will redesign into something that looks like a proper progress indicator.
      2. I suspect you bumped into that stupid bug that went through 1.1, and should be hopefully fixed with 1.1.2. If you delete the app and reinstall it, you should see the third and last screen of the onboarding. Just make sure your queue is empty first because it won't be saved after the app is deleted. Please let me know if you have the opportunity to replay it.
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