Figma introduces PDF exports(

1 month ago from Jason Coudriet, Design and Development Leader

  • Robert Marshall, 1 month ago

    Maybe I am missing something, but why do digital platforms need a PDF export? Just share the link. Nothing needs to be printed...

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    • Moe AmayaMoe Amaya, 1 month ago

      Slide deck is a primary use case for us. Also invoices and resumes. All of these would be sent through email.

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      • Robert Marshall, 1 month ago

        But I don't understand why email needs PDF? Just send the link?

        What do you mean by slide deck? As in a powerpoint show? Surely that would use JPG?

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        • Trevor Kay, 1 month ago

          Keeping a permanent record of something. PNGs and JPGs don't allow text selection.

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          • Robert Marshall, 27 days ago

            Surely the permanent record is "the" file. Figma has version control. So you are never going to "lose" anything.

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