• Jan SemlerJan Semler, 10 months ago

    I think before we can help you we need more informations.

    • How many people are working there?
    • Agile development?
    • What is there (Design System, Use Cases, Personas, UX-Research, etc.)?
    • How is the design process currently?
    • Are their Personas, Target Group researches, etc.
    • Just tell us more. In terms of whats there and whats missing...

    In the end you will need structure for a design/conception process and as an output an design system which will play back in future. If you start right with your system it will help a lot down the road.

    There are several aspects to look on, for example:

    • How to approve flows/stories by You, Devs, Stakeholders
    • Who has the last word?
    • Research: Why we need this feature?
    • Writing Stories for the development
    • How does the hand off work
    • What is the current state, where we want to go
    • How is the current product visualised in terms of flows, use case and stories

    Give your bosses an overview on the current state and tell them what can be done (New features) in a short time and why others cannot be done because of "insert soemthing here*

    They should decide what you should do next. Take on new features or build it right. I think you can do that in parallel. Push new features so you will learn how they did it now. After some new features, establish your processes and system.

    hop i could help.

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