• Valentin de Bruyn, over 4 years ago

    Super cool. Looks a bit like what https://teleporthq.io/ and https://uizard.io/ are building right now.

    But your feature seems somewhat more applicable to our actual UX/UI Designers workflow. In a way, I think that this is actually easier and faster to draw simple shapes in our design apps than to sketch on paper and then take a picture etc.

    Looking forward to see this kind of features integrated natively into our design softwares. Anyone from XD Team listening? ^

    Also, if you could take size into account when interpreting the shapes to render images, buttons etc. This would be a major improvement.


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    • Ariel VerberAriel Verber, over 4 years ago

      Thanks! I definitely see this implemented in Sketch / Figma / XD in the future. One of them needs to make this step and the rest will follow.

      Complicated design systems already exist, there is no need for us to memorize our library and browse to look for a specific symbol, and then stretch it so it would fit the right size. Automatic suggestions should be part of our workflow, and they should be powered by a smart algorithm that helps achieve that.

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    • Burak DonertasBurak Donertas, over 4 years ago

      Actually Adobe Comp has a feature like "draw something and convert a symbol" I use for wireframe on ipad pro. https://helpx.adobe.com/in/mobile-apps/how-to/comp-to-magazine-cover.html

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