What has been your experience with WebFlow?

2 years ago from Jayant Rao, UX Designer @neue.world / Curator @UXHunt.com

  • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, 2 years ago

    I used WebFlow for a one-off website that I wanted to put some animations together for when our usual developer couldn’t accommodate a deadline.

    After doing literally one site in it - decided to migrate everything to WebFlow. I have some decent front end chops so it was super easy for me to pick up. Another designer on our team jumped in with no code experience and was rolling great work out almost immediately.

    The UI being almost Sketch-like with the edit panel makes it easy. The responsive view swapper thing is a great time saver. So awesome. They have CRAZY amounts of how-to content which is really helpful. Tons of show and tell.

    I did find a few small caveats: - swapping between elements you want to style and then add interactions to is cumbersome at times. Might be because my structure isn’t great, but either way it’s arduous. - some responsive sizes don’t seem to display the same in real world devices. Have had to find and fix visual bugs a few times. - e-commerce isn’t available yet. You have to get into the beta.

    Overall, this tool is “it” for me as far as web development goes now. I started making my portfolio in it too. I like WebFlow a lot. This tutorial was one the one that got me intrigued:


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    • Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, 2 years ago

      thanks for watching my video tutorial! :) Glad it helped you realize the power within you (and Webflow).

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