• Zarino ZappiaZarino Zappia, 4 years ago

    +1 on having a dedicated work area.

    I work in a coworking space. I enjoy the separation it gives me between home time and work time, and the 20 minute walk into work gives me time to think about stuff. And it guarantees that I’ll meet and talk to people throughout the day.

    If you pick a coworking space with set opening hours (eg: 9 to 6) that can help you avoid overworking too.

    A coworking space might feel like a huge expense, but it’s worth it if it makes you more productive, and helps you enforce a healthy work/life balance.

    Also look up local creative / freelance / coworking meetups. In Liverpool, we have a group called "Jelly Liverpool" that gives local freelancers / remote workers a free day coworking in a different space every Thursday. Maybe there are similar things where you live?

    Do you track your time / fill in timesheets at the end of every day? If not, you should. It’s a quick way to force yourself to notice when you’re working more than your target number of hours. The charity I work for uses Freckle, but I’m sure there are lots of alternatives out there.

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    • Rowan VillaRowan Villa, 4 years ago

      at this moment I can not afford to pay for a coworking space, but I'm going to start participating in meetups in my city, the community is active but I never go to meetings, I love the idea thank you @Zarino

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