anyone is actually doing full time remote work?

almost 2 years ago from Rowan Villa, Graphic Designer

  • John PJohn P, almost 2 years ago

    sometimes get left out of all the "casual" conversations that the colleagues have in the office

    Sorry but are people who all come together to work within talking distance of each other the ones at fault because that can actually talk to each other?

    Think remote people don't realize how frustrating and time consuming it is to work with them sometimes and it's ALL for their benefit, no one in the office gets any benefit out of them not being in the room.

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    • Kemie GuaidaKemie Guaida, almost 2 years ago

      fault? of course not. there is absolutely nothing wrong with them talking to each other face to face, and I never said there was. It only means that, since I'm not there I have to make an extra effort, because it's my choice not to be there.

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    • Dan W, almost 2 years ago

      You are the only one trying to point fingers here, Kemie never said it was anybody's fault, just one of the challenges of working remotely.

      it's ALL for their benefit, no one in the office gets any benefit

      Apart from the reduced operating costs, which is an indirect benefit to everyone, if that person is happier and more productive working remotely, then that is a benefit to everyone that has to interact with them.

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