anyone is actually doing full time remote work?

almost 2 years ago from Rowan Villa, Graphic Designer

  • Joshua HynesJoshua Hynes, almost 2 years ago

    @Rowan — Do you have specific questions about what it's like to work remotely? I've worked remotely full-time for the last ~6 years, working as a Senior Product Designer for Stack Overflow and Dialpad. As I made the transition from Stack Overflow earlier this year, I compiled some thoughts on 5 lessons learned after working remotely for 5 years. If you have specific questions, let me know.

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    • Matt Hirsch, almost 2 years ago

      I'm not Rowan, but I'd be curious to hear if you have any favorite tools for remote teams that are spread across timezones. Also, have you found certain habits that help you not feel trapped in your house?

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      • Joshua HynesJoshua Hynes, almost 2 years ago

        @Matt — I didn't use any tools unique for remote teams. Remote team members formalize your communication process further. I still used Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Trello, GitHub, JIRA, etc like when I was in an office.

        Re: Working across timezones— Again here is making sure you document and communicate progress, ideas, and roadblocks to your teammates so they can respond when they're able to. You can still communicate that you need feedback within a certain amount of time, but you're also accommodating their schedule and work hours as well.

        Re: Not feeling trapped in your house— When I was first starting out, the best advice I got was to get out at least once a week to stave off cabin fever. I found a group of local freelancers and other remote workers and we scheduled weekly meetups. I don't get out as much anymore, but I've also gotten used to working from home and value my ability to work in silence (most of the time).

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    • Rowan Villa, almost 2 years ago

      Thank you, I just post them as comment!

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    • Elmas O., almost 2 years ago

      Any experience with companies that are not familiar with remote work? I feel like it's very hard to break the mold of a mostly in-house team with one or two remote workers. Far too exhausting to keep the communication going and staying always up to date with things.

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