A design tool that is also a developer tool. Introducing profiles in Hadron.(medium.com)

almost 4 years ago from Nacho García , co-founder of hadronapp.com

  • Nacho García , almost 4 years ago

    Hi Rhys!,

    It means that your design isn't stored internally as a big JSON that need to be converted to code when you export it. There is no export phase where that JSON is converted to code. Instead, Hadron edits the actual code everytime you touch something in the UI, like changing a color. (Take a look at the video titled "Hadron edits your own code" at hadron.app)

    This makes possible a total integration of your designs with the development environment.

    What are the advantages of this approach?

    • You could work on production files themselves.

    • You can edit the code manually, so if you have some HTML or CSS knowledge, you can modify the design code, avoiding the limitations of the tool. Our developer mode is only possible this way. And you can use it to learn HTML/CSS too!

    • You could design in Hadron while a developer teammate is coding in their preferred code-editor outside of Hadron and be synced through git.

    • You could import an existing web project into Hadron.

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