Sketch Mirror

over 4 years ago from Mike Abbot, Senior Digital Product Designer

  • Jan SemlerJan Semler, over 4 years ago

    Sketch Mirror is a pain. I design apps for mobile devices on a daily basis and i need it to check distances, colors and readability. I wrote Bohemian several times and had a ton of feature and bug request but they don't listen it isn't on their priority list for sketch i asume which is sad. Things that bug me the most:

    1. Constantly crashing of the app
    2. Multitasking results in Crash
    3. It syncs all Artboards which is stupid
    4. No Prototyping with cloud synced sketch files
    5. The "Follow Artboard Feature" is bad because it won't work with heavy files properly. You can either "follow" artboards or choose them yourself, do that with 5 pages each 50 artboards. Try to find the right one.
    6. You cannot lock artboards so when i jump to the next artboard to copy an object it will load the new Artboard.
    7. You cannot save the artboards in the app
    8. Performance issues sometime it takes a while to see changes, which can result in restarting the app because it freezed and you didn't know.

    I could go further but it hurts so much...

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