• Jayant RaoJayant Rao, 3 years ago

    How is this different from Abstract?

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    • Elliott Risby, 3 years ago

      First off. I think it's really cool what Abstract are doing. They are helping to educate designers on the need for better collaboration tools. I also think that a bit of competition is healthy :).

      From day one we took a bit of a different approach where we automate the version control process by taking away the need to manually create, merge branches etc. It's based off our own experience from working in design teams and being in the industry way too long!

      Practically, what this means is that when you start working on a file in Trunk we automatically branch your changes.

      We felt that there's a lot going on in a designers workflow - so how do we go about helping them so they don't get bogged down in heavy Git concepts. It's a bit more of a hands off approach to handling the design workflow.

      Also, I'm sure they are working on more file type support but right now Abstract only supports Sketch.


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