Sketch Shortcuts — A list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Sketch App.(

over 5 years ago from Allan Grinshtein, Founder at LayerVault

  • David KizlerDavid Kizler, over 5 years ago

    I just recently discovered Sketch Scripting. I’m not a programmer, but they make it very easy to install custom scripts.

    In case you don’t know (which was me a week ago), simply go to plugins/ create custom script.

    In the custom script box, you paste your scripts or plugins. You can find a nice list of plugins here.

    Here’s one I find helpful to get a rectangle to fill the dimensions of the artboard:

    // Make the selection fill the parent group (artboard). var layer = selection[0]; var frame = [layer frame]; var parent = [layer parentGroup]; [frame setX: 0]; [frame setY: 0]; [frame setWidth: [[parent frame] width]]; [frame setHeight: [[parent frame] height]];

    Paste that into your script, rename and save and you’ve got a new Sketch tool which can also be assigned a keyboard shortcut.

    Anyways, thought I’d share in case somebody has yet to bump into this cool part of Sketch. I’m hoping eventually enough plugins will be created that I can eventually let go of Adobe Fireworks.

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