• Marcel Yves, 1 year ago

    Listen all jokes aside - stop relying on random ding dongs who frankly don't seem to be qualified to be writing typography manuals and learn from actual typographers. Start with TYPOGRAPHIE (1967) by Emil Ruder.

    And if you don't care to learn then please don't ask questions stemming from people who themselves seem to have reiterated a typography for dummies course.

    People have spent centuries learning the intricacies of type, please don't disrespect them like this. Thank you.

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    • Antonio Carusone, 1 year ago

      I would read up on some text written by some of the best typographers in our field. Marcel's suggestion above is a great start, also check out The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. Those should get you started.

      In short, it's not BS. Like Marcel mentioned, the proof is hundreds of years of use and learnings.

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