• Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 4 years ago

    I originally started out creating websites by creating interfaces in Photoshop and then stitching them together using tables in Dreamweaver. At the time I was part of a community dedicated to skeuomorphic interfaces that were popular in games and software. Someone I knew from the forum was very generous and lent me some of their webspace. They also showed me you could do pretty much anything you wanted with CSS and gave me encouragement to learn it. If it wasn't for that one person I'm not sure I would be where I am today.

    Since then I've learnt how to programme, create plugins, fully interactive and animated websites etc. I spent some time as a front end person but eventually I started focusing on more design and UX roles. In my own time I create side projects that use programming and front end code. My technical knowledge helps me massively to understand the challenges and constraints that companies I work with face. But ultimately the real I reason code is because I enjoy the craft so much. It feels great being able to picture something and being able to bring it to life. I'm a massive advocate of design systems and I've been able to test out my own technical solutions that revolve around problems in this space. I've then used these ideas in my side projects making them easier to manage and deploy as I want.

    So much credit and appreciation goes to many many strangers that had and have the time to teach me and help me learn.

    As others have mentioned I would follow what you are interested in. As you find you can do things yourself you may have a bigger desire to push yourself. Things will get hard at times and it will seem like you are hitting a brick wall, but over time things will seemingly click into place and you will know more of what you didn't know previously.

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