Overframe - Record your app & prototype with device frame overlay(overframe.xyz)

over 3 years ago from Gaddafi Rusli, Designer and developer

  • Nick MNick M, over 3 years ago

    You should put the cost up front. In your CTA, in a sticker, somewhere.

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    • Clarissa H., over 3 years ago

      agreed. it's misleading to have "download now" as the CTA, when you can't download now.

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      • Gaddafi Rusli, over 3 years ago

        Thanks for the feedback. I totally understand your perspective. It's a conscious decision on my side to test this out. ( I usually display it up front, i.e in my heycoaster.com project). So far the conversion is not that bad, so I believe it's a non-issue, but I will revisit this over time, definitely. Thanks again for voicing it out :)

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