• Drew McDonaldDrew McDonald, over 2 years ago

    I learned to code because I'm a control freak and wanted to do it all myself. This is a blessing and a curse, because with how much time I spend developing it's hard to keep my design skills sharp and as a developer I have to focus a lot of time keeping up with kids who got CS degrees.

    I develop full time as a Front End web dev, but I design all of my own projects in Sketch and modeling out the data in JSON with control flow steps before implementing a feature.

    I consider myself more of a developer these days and more of a design enthusiast, which is weird because I've been obsessed with design from a young age after seeing the work of Stefan Sagmeister. I do equally geek out on both design and development though.

    As for diving into code, quit the moment you find you don't like to do it and buff your design skills to the max. I love coding, I love designing, and I've tried getting other design friends into code and they find that they don't like doing it. They find the abstract way of approaching a problem hard to grasp especially since both disciplines use opposite sides of the brain. As a designer/developer, I definitely think specialists could do both sides better than me separately, but at least I can crank out a beast mode MVP by myself. :)

    I personally started with a college Java 101 class I took senior year for fun since most of my design classes were finished except for my internship, and I took a code bootcamp course over summer called Make Games With Us (I think it's called Make School now: https://www.makeschool.com/). I quickly found Objective-C was too difficult for me, and Swift came out at the Apple keynote that year anyway lol. I then learned JS on codacademy, but it was 100% free then.

    I think now Treehouse (https://teamtreehouse.com/) is the best service I can recommend for learning code.

    Good luck to you, I'm sure since you're interested you'll dive in and have a great time and take away something form the journey!

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