• Joni JuupJoni Juup, almost 4 years ago

    I started 15 years ago doing designs and a little bit of html/css. Coding was a necessary evil for me at that time, to be able to do the creative things I wanted in the web (html, js, css, actionscript for Flash), but it always felt tedious.

    I used my thin coding skills throughout the start of my career, but avoided coding whenever possible.

    Around the time iPhones and responsive web came, something clicked. I understood how much faster it was for me to design certain thing straight up with code, than to draw it. That was about 6-7 years ago and now I find developing stuff incredibly rewarding. It’s a huge asset when concepting solutions, communicating with developers and overall thinking about products and services.

    Understanding different technologies, how they work and how they relate to each other is super helpful, even if I’m not personally developing any back-end solutions. Every new development related thing I learn, connects more dots for me and makes it easier to learn more.

    It can be a frustrating road to take, but I at least found the rewards after the journey.

    My advice: start with what you’re interested in - if you have simple idea, try to make that work. Copy & paste code and modify it. It doesn’t have to be beautiful or even work perfectly, but it’s a start. You can do amazing things just with html/css and javascript. When you don’t understand something, google it and build your knowledge in small pieces. Ask developer colleagues and friends for feedback and advice on your projects.

    Edit: I'm a design lead in many projects, and I'm considered a designer with technical skills, so I'm designing stuff, but I'm also implementing things while designing them. It varies quite a lot. F.e. our developers do much of the intellectual heavy lifting, but I can adjust the UX and UI directly in the code without messing anyone's work (and saving everybody's time and nerves). I don't think designer/developer thing is binary - you can be both at the same time. When we're coming up with solutions to our clients, I'm also thinking about a viable technical solution with our tech leads, that works nicely with our UX and UI ideas.

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