• Dor Bens, almost 4 years ago

    As a 14-15 year old kid who had a great joy of designing in photoshop, one day I realised that it's not enough for me. I took action and I searched what does it mean to "code a website" and found that there is such thing called "HTML" and "CSS". From there, my perfectionism (in a good aspect) took me to study some back end (PHP and MySQL) because "I have a cool HTML website but it ain't no dynamic, right?"

    I was also touching a lot of Visual basic for software development and enjoyed creating chat clients or other things which I wont expand about :)

    Recently I got into python as I wanted to create a program that recognizes stains in fruits. I had to learn basics of python because I used OpenCV (python library for machine learning).

    I think it really shaped my path.

    I feel that this has an insane amount of benefits while working in a company. I feel like I'm somewhat in the same page as the developers even though I don't write any code at all, so we already have a mutual topic. Also, when I want to explain my design I can use their terminology which is an advantage.

    I was working for 1.5 years as a webmaster (Back end, Front end, WordPress) in quite a known company in my country. But after working there I decided I should go along with a design path and here we are! :)

    But I still do enjoy programming quite a lot and I'm not afraid using my Visual Basic Code editor.

    I'm a self taught and I hope this pushes people to not be afraid to try.

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