Black or White website?

over 1 year ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Head of Abstract SDK Product & Engineering. Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player

  • alexey pushkarev, over 1 year ago
    1. The design looks really messy and hard to get through at first glance despite selected theme.
    2. Using terms 'black' and 'white' for naming themes is not a good idea because white itself is too bright, black itself is too dark. And their combination creates eye-burning contrast which makes the page unreadable (especially in dark mode). Right terms IMHO are 'dark mode' and 'light mode' referring to color of main text on the page and color of it's background.

    I prefer dark no matter what because I hate having a lamp flashing right into my face. The majority of people will still prefer light theme due to habit.

    The best way is to carefully work on contrast and provide both options.

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