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11 months ago from Kieron Keenan, Senior Product Designer

  • Kieron Keenan, 11 months ago

    Hey Faz! Thanks so much for your nice comments!

    Back when I did a lot of development work, I mainly used ExpressionEngine and during that time I heard a lot about Craft but never got a chance to jump in and try it out.

    Over the last couple of months, I decided to build a few sites with Craft over EE and so far I've just found it a little bit more lightweight, two seconds to create your content models, and just all-around fun to use. If I was going for something a lot heavier like an eCommerce site, I'd still pick EE because of my knowledge with the platform. But then again, I'm sure Craft could handle it.

    I've used foundation and custom scss on the front-end, which I love building out, so for me, any cms like Craft or EE is brilliant. Let me code up all my front-end and hook it up to the backend with some simple lines of code.

    I haven't used Wordpress or anything like that in 10+ years so I couldn't even comment on what that's like to work with nowadays.

    Craft is definitely work checking out.

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    • faz kamisanfaz kamisan, 10 months ago

      Thanks Kieron for your reply! its refreshing to know. I will definately look into Craft for future projects!

      Have a good day!

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