• Andrew C, 12 months ago

    Not exactly. User Testing seems to be a broadly encompassing term (much like User Experience Design) — for instance is card sorting usability testing? Not exactly. Is ethnographic research usability testing? No not at all. Usability benchmarking is probably the best way to get non-product people to understand the value of research, because watching users struggle to use something they're responsible for is generally deeply embarrassing.

    User Testing is a bunch of activities product professionals can use to uncover true sentiment and opportunities for a product to address.

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    • Steve O'ConnorSteve O'Connor, 12 months ago

      TO me User Testing is testing user opinion - best for deciding if a product is even needed or wanted. Usability Testing could include card sorting but, yes, not ethnography. However, the article detail seems to conflate the two, which was really the point I was making.

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