Ask DN: Screen capture software (mac)

7 years ago from Mason Lawlor, & The Brute Squad

  • Jason CarulliJason Carulli, 7 years ago

    While I am a user of Screeny, I wouldn't recommend it for the simple fact that like most products Drew Wilson starts, it feels like he has a tendency to abandon them soon after.

    I don't have a clear alternative at this point, but I recently set up a Keyboard Maestro macro that allows me to choose from a bunch of different capture types over various apps when I click cmd+shift+2. Once I initiate the hot key the following options are presented on a Keyboard Maestro palette (see:, 1. standard screen shot (cmd+shift+4); 2. auto-upload to Dropbox screen shot; 3. Droplr screen shot; 4. Screenfloat screen shot; 5. Skitch screen shot; 6. Voila full page screen shot of current browser url; 7. Voila video screen capture.

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