• scott parsons, almost 2 years ago

    Do you have any citizenship, or resident status in any of these countries? If not the first thing to look at is what you would need to do to work in any of these places. Some have much more selective requirements than others, but typically you will need at least an undergraduate degree and some years of experience to qualify for a work permit. More advanced degrees, and things like publications will always help.

    When I moved to the UK I had to get a company to apply for a work permit for me and the first time took more than 6 months. The company lost interest. I kept looking for another opportunity, but it was a difficult process.

    There are shortcuts, which if they are available to you, you should look into. If you are serious it would probably be worth approaching either an immigration lawyer or a business guild in the locale you are interested in and finding out all the details you can.

    When I moved to the UK from NZ I found it very expensive, and was lucky to have friends and family to stay with. But it has been really worth it. Even moving to another English speaking country will still carry a decent amount of culture shock and you will get to experience some new things.

    When you do get around to moving be prepared for the strangest of things to trip you up. That has been one of the most fun things about living in the UK. Tiny cultural differences always pop up and amuse me, or sometimes confound me.

    good luck

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