• Christian PerezChristian Perez, almost 4 years ago

    Similar to the above comment, the biggest con comes from the experience level of the team. What I've found is that if they don't have much experience with remote workers, they tend to be less organized and ultimately that falls back on you. Where in an office you can quickly go to someone's desk last minute and have something done quickly, that same leverage may not be done when working remotely. Specifically in cases where you're not in the same timezone.

    This is a manageable con though. The more organized you can be as a freelancer, the better you can equip the team you're working with. Your foresight is an asset to the team, and you can help them structure things better. Bringing more organization to the teams I've worked with has been beneficial to me, to future remote workers, and everyone in general. Although at times it may seem like an uphill battle.

    The pros definitely outweigh this, as I am able to travel to visit family, friends, and prospects all over the world.

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    • Emanuel S.Emanuel S., almost 4 years ago

      Thank you Christian! Do you think a process and letting the team know up front how to work together will work? Or is a messy experience something that you can't avoid from your perspective?

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