• Anmol BahlAnmol Bahl, almost 5 years ago

    It actually works really well for me, I do not like how they designed the Finder (with the alternating rows).

    Spark, my favorite email app, looks fantastic. Things 3, looks fantastic as well. Books looks good as well, aside from the horizontal scrolling that still persists.

    Which app do you mean to imply when you say "ecosystem"?

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    • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, almost 5 years ago

      I'd be curious to know why you like dark mode Spark, to me it feels like a horrible idea:

      • Most emails will still have a white background (this is a problem with all mail apps, not just Spark)
      • The text is harder to read because they went for this weird purple-ish white against a dark grey background.
      • The app doesn't nearly have the same well thought out aesthetic that the light version has where all the colours go well together, it's more like they replaced every background colour with some shade of grey and called it a day.
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      • Antonio Carusone, almost 5 years ago

        I agree here. Spark and Things don't look great in Dark Mode, and for app that require a lot of reading, white mode is much better. I"m fine with the OS being dark mode, but it's frustrating that you can't turn it off for specific apps.

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    • Tiago FrancoTiago Franco, almost 5 years ago

      IMHO, mail looks terrible, messages doesn't look that nice too. And if I start listing 3rd party apps, the list will be big.

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    • Lucian .esLucian .es, almost 5 years ago

      I'm using Airmail and looks awful. Checking Things 3 right now.

      Overall, dark mode is nice but I need to get used to it and apple needs to polish the UI a little bit. Looks a little bit like web 2.0

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