My new portfolio is a single page, a single case study.(

over 2 years ago from Karl Weber, Designer & Developer @whatspast, building @cheddarapp

  • Chad EngleChad Engle, over 2 years ago

    Site looks good, really liked reading about that design - I remember it well :)

    Couple thoughts from the hiring angle:

    1. I don't know your name (it's not in the content, header, URL, about me etc.) I'd add that in somewhere on this page. Maybe in the CTA? I know it's a sub-page but, if I'm interested or someone shoots me this link I don't want to dig around to make sure I get your name right in an email intro.

    2. If this is your favorite project and your first, it's odd that you've been in practice for 8 years and this site launched in 2015? It's 2018 now... What did you do before the site launched? (2010-2015) What have you been doing since? (roughly 3 years) Honestly, none of this matters but, the setup of the paragraph made me think about it more than I should have. I don't think it's a bad angle to showcase your favorite project to date or even that it was your first project but, the math confuses me. Maybe soften the "in 8years of practice this is my favorite thing" line? Potential employers like to look for gaps in work or employment, it's like a litmus test on reliability.

    3. I get urgency but, this sounds a little desperate: "would love to be booked BEFORE September ends". Urgency is a more well founded emotion, desperation often leads people down bad paths. I don't want to be scared of hiring you :)

    4. Results - do you have any results from the site? Word of mouth, did it go viral, it sold out in an hour, etc.

    These are minor however, these little things made me think too much if I'm trying to hire you.

    Love the case-study and design, keep up the epic work!

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    • Karl WeberKarl Weber, over 2 years ago

      Hey friend,

      1. Your feedback is SUPER helpful. Honestly the initial audience was people who already knew who I was, or that I sent an email to with a link, but this is kinda blowing up so I should probably introduce myself.

      2. Also I should do some editing to make it clear that this isn't my first project ever, just the first project I did at RALLY.

      3. Yeah I can dial back the desperation, I really needed a job and the goal of this site was to get one and it worked soo... YAY!

      4. Results are that I got a job. It very clearly communicated my skills and my commitment to art and design on the web. Over 600 people have visited the page, which is a success in my book.

      Thanks again for your feedback and I'm glad that you liked it. I was surprised that it worked so well considering that I had to design and build it so quickly.

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      • Nick B., over 2 years ago

        I might be wrong, but I think the results Chad was inquiring about are results around the Epicurrence site, not your portfolio site. Do you have any data around the site that proves it was successful and helped the client? Hard data like that can be really persuasive in convincing employers that your designs don't just look good, but they also result in tangible business outcomes. It also communicates an attitude that you care enough about your client's goals to measure that sort of stuff.

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        • Karl WeberKarl Weber, over 2 years ago

          Yeah I think I can add more detail about the event. It sold out. So it was a success. I should be more clear in the portfolio that I developed the site, I didn't design it. That the design was a collaborative process with Ben doing most everything and I just seeing if is crazy ideas would work.

          Thanks for your feedback.

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