Huge update for Haiku(

over 2 years ago from Zack Brown, Product designer & co-founder @ Haiku

  • Zack Brown, over 2 years ago

    when built on web technologies you have to take performance into account

    Tell me about it! Yes, pushing the boundaries of web rendering perf is part of our challenge, at least for Haiku on the web.

    Good news is, Haiku isn't bound to web tech. Haiku exporting to Lottie is proof of our ability to render Haiku content natively to iOS and Android. The only thing Lottie's missing for 100% Haiku support is support for interactions and executing user-land code. We're working on it.

    ...move rectangles on a webpage...

    Think of it this way: Haiku "moves rectangles," but is ultimately agnostic of whether they're on web pages or in iPhone apps. At the end of the day, it's the same kind of abstraction as React Native — a Rectangle is a Rectangle. This is where we're going with "Full application design+builder for any platform"

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