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over 2 years ago from Zack Brown, Product designer & co-founder @ Haiku

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    Hey DN! It's been a while. We've been hard at work on our mission to unite design & code here at Haiku.

    Haiku is the only UI design tool where your designs ARE production code components. No more code generation and no more hand-offs — just a single source of truth, accessible to both designers and developers. With Haiku, designing is building.

    We just launched a huge update. Here's what's new:

    • Adobe Illustrator support: Now you can sync your designs from Sketch, Figma, AND Illustrator. Haiku versions your design files right alongside your code using git.
    • Reusable components: Haiku projects have always been components (ready for React/Angular/Vue,) but now you can finally compose multiple reusable components inside single projects. Combined with States, Expressions, Actions, and live data, you can create extremely powerful production UIs entirely inside Haiku.
    • Shape morphing & direct selection: Now you can morph vector paths inside Haiku & animate transitions.
    • Code Editor: You've always been able to edit the code behind any Haiku project with your own editor, but we finally brought a code editor front-and-center into the app
    • Drawing improvements: Including auto-snapping, align/distribute, element locking, grouping/ungrouping, and pinch-zoom
    • Animation improvements: Marquee selection on the timeline, pinch-zooming on the timeline, perf improvements


    • We just launched Haiku Pro: $19/mo or $199/yr, full offline access, unlimited private project storage, high quality GIF & video export, offline Lottie export, and more.
    • Check out our new website!
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    • Artur Eldib, over 2 years ago

      This is awesome, Zach! The first version that I used was a but sluggish,m and I havent tested the app back. Did you fix it?

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      • Zack Brown, over 2 years ago

        Hey Artur, yes we've made tons of headway on performance. We launched our beta brutally early so we could gather feedback. We continue to make the app faster, and it's significantly faster than our first public version in Feb 2018.

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