A weekly email publication for web workers(densediscovery.com)

2 years ago from Kai Brach, Publisher at Offscreen Magazine

  • Aaron Wears Many HatsAaron Wears Many Hats, 2 years ago

    Despite the downvotes, I do agree with your final point.

    I signed up in good faith, but the second I start "feeling" like this is just a marketing spiel I'll be unsubbing immediately.

    We all already get enough marketing spam in our inboxes, if I'm agreeing to "A weekly newsletter helping [me] be productive, stay inspired, and think critically" I'd be down for that. If it's a weekly email ad catalogue of 3rd party vendors though, no dice

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    • Account deleted 2 years ago

      Yeah I'm not sure what the reasons for the downvotes are. It's not a mean comment at all and there are suggestions on how to remedy what I perceive as bad aspects of the website. Downvoting will not work on DN because people get their feeling hurt too easily on this forum.

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