Uber rebrand(uber.design)

over 4 years ago from Carlos Px, carlospx.com

  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 4 years ago

    There is one caveat to notice in the Uber rebrand.

    They’re calling this:

    Rebrand 2018

    That is telling.

    In 2016, Uber had a “radical rebrand” where ousted founder/ CEO Travis Kalanick spent the previous 2.5 years leading/ meddling with their design team to create all these colors based on country, hexagonal and circular patterns depending on riders and drivers, etc.,

    And, one purpose - “shedding Uber’s elitist” image as they battled regulators.

    It was a mangled mess of overlapping visual languages.


    The “2018 Rebrand” - seems more like an outright purge of the ghosts of Travis and is a complete contrast to the previous mangled mess of a brand.

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