Anyone use a "kneeling chair"?

5 years ago from James Young, Creative Director @Offroadcode

  • Payton Biddington, 5 years ago

    I have an ergoErgo stool (adjustable, air-filled plastic stool that's designed to engage your core, similar to a fitness ball but it won't roll away). It's a nice switch-up from my normal desk chair.

    I also have a "leaning stool" called MOGO by Focal (good if you have a standing desk) that essentially is a tripod leg for your butt. You end up somewhere in between standing and leaning… not quite a stool, not quite a chair. Really wonderful during the day when I don't want to sit down but don't want to stand up straight all day.

    I can recommend both (and both are rather inexpensive), but I've also been curious about kneeling chairs.

    I find the best method is to change your seat often and keep your body moving around as much as possible.

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