Uber rebrand(uber.design)

over 4 years ago from Carlos Px, carlospx.com

  • Tony GinesTony Gines, over 4 years ago

    This feels as vanilla as can be. While the design of the typography is clean, and the executions definitely help sell the idea, the branding is underwhelming and forgettable. It's quite a stretch with the U frame in the billboards and signage. It's less clever and more okayyy.

    I dunno. Missed opportunity here to really shine with something unique.

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    • Philip A, over 4 years ago

      If "vanilla" was their aim (so they can shrink into the background), sounds like they were pretty successful :)

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    • Laurel HechanovaLaurel Hechanova, over 4 years ago

      With the U frame, I felt like they actually missed an opportunity to "own" the U shape by rounding out the bottom of the content area. As it is, it looks like a Portrait-mode ad for an iPhone or Pixel.

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