Adobe XD August 2018 Update

3 years ago from Mike Hu, Design Product Marketing @ Adobe

  • Alex Hazel, 3 years ago

    I figured out how to flip an object!!! It's cumbersome and terrible and it should be a built in feature that handles this but you can do it!

    Select the object. Grab a corner handle while holding shift, shrink the object to a H and W of 0x0 by dragging the handle to the other drag handle diagonally adjacent to it. BUT DON'T STOP THERE...Keep going! (into negative values) That should give you a vertical flip. Now play with dragging the side handle into negative values and that should give you a horizontal flip

    You're welcome :)

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    • Quentin Lo Castro, 3 years ago

      Oh yeah, thanks for the tip Alex! It works for vector based objects and text but not for pixel images unfortunately. It would be nice to have this feature in the contextual menu indeed.

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