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almost 4 years ago from Th. M

  • Jonathan Lo, almost 4 years ago

    Beauty is diverse. Your beauty is different from my beauty.

    I like to use music as an analogy when thinking about aesthetics:

    I personally enjoy loud music, like death metal, notably with indecipherable growling vocals, crazy fast drum beats, ear blasting distorted guitars...

    It is true that not everyone appreciates this kind of music, some may even say it is not music at all, but I can explain to someone who enjoys classical music that good metal music has real craftsmanship, how they follow certain set of rules, or deliberately breaking them to make new sounds and so on. I think it's the effort and love you've put into the work that counts.

    Beauty is not measurable, because trends shift. Remember our old friend skeuomorphism? What is now despised was once held as the beauty standard. I think beauty is the outcome of craftsmanship that lives under some set of rules in a certain time of the society. Some rules stay, like typography/color/space/form, some just doesn't. One may say skeuomorphism looks ugly in the year of 2018, but we can still trace the effort that was given in well crafted works to achieve beauty of that time frame. For digital products, we can measure usability, which in a way, is a kind of beauty.

    Aside from the basic "functional beauty", is there a stylistic beauty that everyone likes? Maybe, but it'd be definitely boring.

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