• Andrew CiobanasiuAndrew Ciobanasiu, 3 years ago

    DN conveniently cut out the rest of my comment. Delightful.

    Was going to add that I just found a neat little thing called Outline: https://github.com/outline/outline

    Looks interesting. Especially since they have SSO via Google or Slack and you can serve it up yourself. Time to bother my devs, hah.

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    • Jason Spidle, 3 years ago

      Nice! Outline looks really slick and it is definitely handy that you can sign in via Google and Slack. The ability to search for articles straight from Slack is rad. Definitely something I wish we had. I couldn't figure out how much the hosted version cost though, any ideas?

      In any case, we had used Wiki.js for a time but left it behind when we decided to move away from maintaining hosted software for our own operations (we're an agency, so too busy with client work to keep our own stuff patched and up-to-date).

      Good luck with the devs. I hear they like React so maybe that'll help you sell it to them.

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