Whats your experience with SkyFonts?

over 1 year ago from Simon F, Product strategy, design and development

  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, over 1 year ago

    Installed it then uninstalled it… Rightfont is faster, simpler and it support my own manually installed fonts (Hk Grotesk). PLus your fonts are viewable easily in the app.

    At the moment, the UX of Skyfont need a massive redesign to make it more easily accessible..! The obligation to go through external websites (even Google fonts via fonts.com???) is a serious pain!

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    • Ryan Hicks, over 1 year ago

      The UX is pretty awful... but it's free. So i deal with it.

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      • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, over 1 year ago

        No this is not an excuse. Even free products deserve love and feedbacks so they can get better. I know many great free apps and software with awesome ux (and sometime ui).

        I don't talk about beauty, but pure UX!

        If you are not ready to receive feedback, don't post it

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        • Josh Sanders, over 1 year ago

          While i completely agree with you on the SkyFonts issues, ya gotta calm down there killer. Ryan wasn't even the person who originally posted the topic. Also, nobody was looking for design feedback persé, the OP was curious about other people and their experiences using skyfonts.

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