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2 years ago from Mick N, Freelancer

  • Andrew Hersh, 2 years ago

    I wonder if a part of the reason the internet seems to be becoming such a wasteland is that it has, in the past half-decade or so, become more of a collection of politically-curated and censored areas. This leads to those curated and censored areas running further and further to the left or to the right, with a strongly reinforced "us-versus-them" mindset and unchecked demonization of any members of "them" and ruthlessly censored introspection that could be even perceived as being negative to "us".

    Even right in this thread, my post was censored for casually noting that this person who is "leaving the internet in general" was making sure to have Google Analytics running on a page announcing that fact. I didn't even hint at the (possible) hypocrisy of that fact.

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