• Agnimitra Pathak, over 1 year ago

    It seems that the term advanced is pretty subjective. Framer X is a prototyping tool, yes, so is Sketch, Invision Studio, XD and Figma. But X has the potential to cross the barrier from design to development or vice versa. Not promoting X here but just conveying what I have seen in the beta I received.

    For some advance is the motion animation that certain tools provide but those just remain in a room full of stakeholders. For others advanced is being able to prototype with real data and interaction, those interactions can be as simple as an input field.

    What most designers would expect is the ease with which custom components can be built which can be taken to production environments. Currently X can be utilised to its fullest only if you know react. Somewhere this discouraged me where I concluded its as good as Sketch or Figma but on brighter side it encourages me to learn react and hope they reduce this step size to minimum.

    I have seen all of their videos as beta user which they plan to release in phases through email campaigning. The tool is so promising that I rewatch these videos to see if I have missed anything earlier and look forward to see new additions.

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