• Jorn van Dijk, over 1 year ago

    Hey Weston, X is powerful in different ways that I hope you’ll reevaluate. You are right, that radial gradients are not in (yet) and masking works different then you’re used to (clipping). I hope you’ll try out Stacks though, which by itself should be exiting if you do any type of layout. And try installing interactive components from the store, which speeds up prototyping dramatically.

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    • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, over 1 year ago

      In general I love stacks. We currently have a similar workflow on my team, but in Sketch using the Anima "stacked groups" – of course the problem is that if a designer doesn't have Anima installed, the entire design can break.

      I think a lot of my complaints can be designed around, and I really do look forward to revisiting X when I have more time to learn the way...

      I'll attach here a quick 5 minute comp using some of the things I talked about earlier: Screenshot

      So I'm building this in Framer. First, I want to color pick a BG color and feather the poster art into that color – most times I can feather using a mask, but in Framer X I can't so I'll just put a solid color rect in the background and then a gradient scrim over the bottom of the art. Basically the same effect, but much greater effort each time I want to comp a different image in, since I want the BG to change color depending on movie. Also, since I can't change the position of the stops or add stops to my gradient, I need to either add an extra color block to the bottom of the art or change the frame size.

      Stacks are awesome for repetetive stuff like the movie times. Huge props on stacks. I know we're in Beta, but you can see the stacks don't work right when I try and make a stack out of stars. I mean, it seems to be working invisibly (I can see the outlines when I hover the layers) but the stars don't automatically space in the stack for some reason. Also, since I want to fade out the movie times on the right I need another gradient on top of those, instead of a custom mask.

      One other quirk is that since the pasted image artwork defaults to being a frame, every time I draw on top of it (typing text, drawing stars) they are automatically inside the frame and I have to manually drag them out if I don't want them in there. Might be nice for child frames to not automatically suck in layers just because they are drawn on top?

      One thing I'll say is that working inside Framer X definitely feels powerful. I think the interface and philosophy of Framer has a huge, untapped potential for me and I really DO look forward to exploring more of that – I just wish some of the features catered a little more toward the visual design side of product design, and left open more opportunities to play. (I would have discussed this in the Facebook group, but I don't have a Facebook account).

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