• Matt D. SmithMatt D. Smith, 3 years ago

    Dude, thanks so much. Just checked your site and the feeling is mutual. Great stuff. Love the flame emoji as the

    tag and the multi-flame emoji as you go deeper, lol. Genius. Especially like your Exodus project.

    Fun fact: The RIFT font was designed by my studio-mate, Mattox Shuler, while sitting right beside me. Originally made for his card game, Control

    Hmm, favorite song right now... I've had "Hit Parade" by Mutemath on repeat for a few days now. Can't say favorite-favorite because that's just too much commitment. =)

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    • Account deleted 3 years ago

      Thanks man. Please give Mattox a pat on the back from me. Rift is easily one of the best fonts I've ever used. It's like the dream condensed font I would've made if I had the talent or patience to do it, which I don't.

      Regarding Exodus - That was a really cool project, but unfortunately they didn't really use any of the designs. Some of my ideas got implemented using their current design language, but hey, it's always there if they want to use it. #freelancelife

      I've just read over your process for designing Contrast and I never really thought that about applying symbols to that level, and I'm doing it on a project at work right now and you've already saved me time, so thanks again!

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