• Matt D. SmithMatt D. Smith, 3 years ago

    Wow, Eduardo. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment!

    I've definitely seen my fair share of toxicity in the industry and that's just simply not in line with my values. I find great joy in being as kind as possible and I'm genuinely motivated to encourage people and want them to do their best. It means so much that you've gotten a little motivation from that. Thank you for letting me know! =)

    Here's my super quick autobiography in design....

    I was always drawn to art as a kid (most kids are, right?) I used to draw tons of Mortal Kombat characters, Simpsons, and any other random cartoon or video game I was into. We had a computer around ever since I can remember. I'd always make digital birthday cards, mothers day, fathers day, cards etc. with this program called Print Shop Deluxe. Even had an illegal business in high school burning CDs for friends from songs I downloaded on Napster. I'd design and print a custom CD jewel case for every CD I sold.

    I started taking art classes in college, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. and loved it. That led to going into the Graphic Design program for 2 years and graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

    First job out of college was designing anything and everything at a small cycling and diving component manufacturer. Here I started learning Flash on my own and making horribly awesome animated websites. Slowly taught myself HTML/CSS along the way.

    Started contracting at agencies for a few years, then started getting more clients. More and more clients. Many years later... and here we are. =)

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