• Matt D. SmithMatt D. Smith, 3 years ago

    Hey Michelle! I can't say that I've ever really "managed" a design system, but I have created lots of them—usually in Sketch—but tools like Figma, Studio, and Framer X are definitely on the rise and tackling similar problems.

    I typically choose design software based on speed. Performance and optimized workflow capabilities that give me lots of quick key shortcuts and the ability to create my own. Figma as been a great experience coming from Sketch... and I'm doing a lot more with Studio right now too. The speed at which you can create animations and rich prototypes with Studio is pretty mind-blowing.

    Biggest challenge now is thinking about things with a longer-term lens rather than doing anything and everything to pay the bills. Thinking and working towards creating more sustainable projects, income, etc. that I feel really good about sticking with for a long time.

    P.S. Thanks for watching my videos! I reeeeaaallly wanna get back into a regular video schedule soon. Also, I love answering questions and being responsive. Thanks!! =)

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