• Michelle Wong, 3 years ago

    Hey Matt! hope all is well. My question for you is what design tool/prototyping tool do you use to manage design systems and interactions and why you like using them. Second question is what challenges do you have now compared to last year (or 4 years)?

    P.S. Loveeeeee your youtube channel and how responsive you are with emails, questions, instagram!

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    • Matt D. SmithMatt D. Smith, 3 years ago

      Hey Michelle! I can't say that I've ever really "managed" a design system, but I have created lots of them—usually in Sketch—but tools like Figma, Studio, and Framer X are definitely on the rise and tackling similar problems.

      I typically choose design software based on speed. Performance and optimized workflow capabilities that give me lots of quick key shortcuts and the ability to create my own. Figma as been a great experience coming from Sketch... and I'm doing a lot more with Studio right now too. The speed at which you can create animations and rich prototypes with Studio is pretty mind-blowing.

      Biggest challenge now is thinking about things with a longer-term lens rather than doing anything and everything to pay the bills. Thinking and working towards creating more sustainable projects, income, etc. that I feel really good about sticking with for a long time.

      P.S. Thanks for watching my videos! I reeeeaaallly wanna get back into a regular video schedule soon. Also, I love answering questions and being responsive. Thanks!! =)

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