• Wilson MinerWilson Miner, 6 years ago

    It has varied a lot over the years, at different companies and on different projects. In the beginning at Rdio, I was building a lot of the front-end templates, by the end of my time there, I was spending most of my time managing the design team and giving design feedback and direction. I tend to try to take a lot of things on on my own and work out all the details myself, so I've had to learn ways to work against that and be a better collaborator.

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    • Ben LeeBen Lee, 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago )

      I struggle with the same issue; would love to hear some tips about how to become more collaborative.

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      • Wilson Miner, 6 years ago

        At some point I just have to overcome my anxiety and trust other people. Either I wait around for them to "earn" that trust, or I just start with trust as the default state and convince myself that the worst case scenario is cleaning up a mess if it doesn't work out. In my experience, that doesn't happen that often, but maybe I've just worked with a lot of people who are smarter than me. Which is another good trick.

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